Enerex Botanicals
 is a Canadian company known world-wide for its physician-grade, all natural supplements, manufactured under strict protocols.  Their manufacturing processes result in supplements of exceptional quality and potency.  Enerex products are designed without compromise to bring to the consumer the finest nutritional supplements in the world.
 Their product line is only available through distributors and some retail facilities.  They do not sell direct to the public. 

However, their SERRAPEPTASE Rx can be purchased through the on-line firm Herbal Integritywww

In addition to SERRAPEPTASE Rx, Herbal Integrity also carries a complete line of the Enerex products. Their website contains valuable information on getting and staying healthy, in-depth studies on the effectiveness of products, help for specific conditions (e.g., arthritis, sinus issues, IBS, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and much more).


Products manufactured are based on thorough research & human-based studiesThe mission of Enerex Botanicals is to create and manufacture a very special class of nutritional supplements, offering the consumer the highest level of efficacy, without compromising any step in the creation of the final product.  Only scientific research based on human studies, not just animal studies, is used in creating the Enerex formulations.  Only the very finest raw materials, which meet full pharmaceutical standards for purity and potency, are used in the products.  All manufacturing steps must incorporate advanced technology which avoids the use of heat or solvents that could denature the delicate ingredients used in the formulas.

Finally, Enerex products are packaged in the highest quality containers to protect the sensitive ingredients from contamination through air, moisture, light, and from reaction with the container. Unlike many companies who package their products in cheap, low-grade plastic containers (such as polyethylene or polystyrene), Enerex uses only PETE (Bisphenol A-free) as this material offers superior protection to the products.  (Our Favorite Links page has a link to information on Bisphenol-A, a common ingredient in low-grade plastic containers.)